The TWU said the agreement provides specific leave for those affected by domestic and domestic violence, “no negative change and no compromise on current conditions,” increased overtime and better occupancy practices. There were also “salary updates, conditions and classifications to recognize the role of cabin crew in Virgin Australia`s expansion and move to a full-service airline.” The agreement focused on both the return of respect to the profession and the improvement of wages, and this agreement achieved both objectives. Now it`s time to vote – vote in favor of an agreement that will provide the crew and vote to make sure VA knows that the crew is unified now and in the future! If Virgin Australia sought clean air after the sale and reissue, disgruntled employees could pay the price. Virgin Australia sells to negotiate new enterprise agreements. But workers and their unions are not satisfied with what the airline is offering. On Wednesday, the unions made their displeasure public. Virgin Australia, with its short-haul cabin staff, has been granted a new collective bargaining agreement (EBA) after 90% of respondents voted in favour of a deal that the Transport Workers Union says will improve staff conditions. Upon obtaining this proposal, further improvements and productivity cuts were exchanged, but any airline that awaits the expiry of the EBA before discussing new initiatives or competitive advantages with its staff jeopardizes market share. The relaunched consultation mechanisms, which Virgin initiated at the beginning of the negotiations, allow us to respond in a timely manner to market adjustments that ensure that cabin crew are consulted on this route. @Ben But Virgin has made productivity gains from Virgin Blue to Virgin Australia.

They also promised that they would take care of the crew after achieving massive productivity gains (during the GFC) at the 2009 EBA. Only so many crews can be in the race to the bottom that is currently tormenting our industry and this EBA is a step in the right direction. “The negotiations have been difficult and time-consuming, but the result shows what can be achieved if the crew is in place.” Tony Sheldon, TWU Secretary of State, said the EBA, which covers about 2,100 short-haul roadside attendants, makes Virgin “a better and more sustainable airline.” The airline has new owners, a Boston-based investment company. It seems that they want to introduce certain working conditions into Australian airspace, following the model of the United States. There are allegations that pilots are only paid for the hours they fly. In the cabin, cabin crew would work directly up to 3 p.m. Qantas operates 2 separate units and 2 separate EBAs with different salary structures and conditions for providing its short-range inflight service. Virgin understood the position of worker bargaining representatives that the priority of their cabin crew was to operate throughout the short-haul delivery network under SAME CONDITIONS. For those of us who are at the negotiating table as representatives of the workers` negotiations, we cannot underestimate the recognition of the early and unwavering acceptance of cabin crew demand – throughout the 2013-2015 bargaining period – of an immediate pay increase, recognizing their willingness to move to a full-service airline.

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