All other configuration scripts are directly accessed via Swisscom`s customer portal and executed (for example, via TR069). Using a specially defined interface, the software is provided with any required customer data for e-mail as well as for WLAN set-up. Through this seamless interaction of existing registration and configuration processes on the Swisscom side (TR069) and the assistant for configuration on the client side, the last area that required manual configuration could be automated resulting in a satisfying customer experience regarding e-mail and WLAN set-up. An integrated real-time status report on the consumer`s system and the it`s online/offline status offers maximum comfort for the user. Additionally, the integrated Wi-Fi (WLAN) assistant is of help if the customer wants to access detailed information about his/her Internet access or establish a wireless network connection. Mit der My Swisscom App greifen Sie jederzeit und von überall aus auf Ihr Kundenkonto zu. Loggen Sie sich ganz einfach via App mit Fingerabdruck oder Gesichtserkennung ein.- Verwalten und optimieren Sie Ihre Abos.- Behalten Sie den Überblick über Ihre offenen Aufträge, laufenden Kosten und Rechnungen – Bleiben Sie informiert über Störungen, Wartung und Ausbauarbeiten.Weitere wichtige Funktionen von My Swisscom: Rechnungen und Kosten:• Rechnungen und laufende Kosten einsehen• Zahlungsfristen verlängern• Aktueller Verbrauch abfragen und Datenpakete kaufen Produkte-Einstellungen und Hilfe:• Vertragsdauer und Abos auf einen Blick• WLAN-Passwort anzeigen und PUK abfragen • Direkter Kontakt zum Kundendienst per Expertenchat oder RückrufDaten und Dokumente:• Kontaktdaten ändern• Umzug melden• Verträge, Lieferscheine, Garantiescheine einsehenDie My Swisscom App ist für alle Privatkunden mit einem Mobile, Festnetz oder Internet Abo von Swisscom erhältlich. Unseren Geschäftskunden steht das Online Kundencenter zur Verfügung: The software includes an assistant for the initialisation and customer-specific configuration of Swisscom Quick Help with the customer’s user credentials (Swisscom Login) as well as a comprehensive status report showing the results of hardware and software analysis. Of course, Swisscom Quick Help for Mac supports all four languages used by Swisscom on its web portal: German, French, Italian, and English.

This multi-language support is available for both the application and the context sensitive help files. Swisscom Quick Help features an integrated and » fully automatic update function (m2liveupdate), making it possible to pass on all innovations, adjustments and new features to all end users at all times. The » comprehensive reporting function (m2reporting) offers Swisscom detailed and anonymous data on software use and customer PCs. A secure web portal presents all data in tables and diagrams. Swisscom is Switzerland`s leading telecoms provider, with 5.5 million mobile customers and around 1.8 million broadband connections. In the first half of 2009, the company`s 19,970 employees (full time equivalents) generated revenues of CHF 5.9 billion (approximately EURO 3.9 billion). Almost 830 young people complete an apprenticeship at Swisscom in the fields of IT, telematics, mediamatics, retailing and commerce. source: view also this news-entry: creates a new “Quick Help 3.0” for Swisscom AG Switzerland Using the Swisscom e-mail repair assistant, customers may easily and with just a few mouse clicks check all e-mail settings on their computer with relevance to the Swisscom e-mail accounts.

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