…-2004, the original of the ex. B.6 and stamp duty to be paid on it. This was the applicant`s assertion that it was a development agreement which, for stamp duty, was… The previous development agreement to address previous differences and stamp duty can only be collected under Article 6, Point A). The court found that the previous development … The development contract has not been terminated. Therefore, she ordered the admission of the ex. B.6 in evidence, without the need to recover a stamp duty. The applicant stated in this… subject to a decision in this matter, if the instruments presented in this way are not duly stamped on the basis of a development agreement, the payment of another penalty, a stamp duty, etc. The instruments to be recorded. During the presentation of the instruments, the registration authority considered that the development agreement reached between petitioners 1 to 5 and 6 was not correct… The State argues that the question of whether the instruments presented can be registered on the basis of a development agreement that is not properly stamped and which is concluded between the parties…

It is the usual practice that if each owner wishes to develop his farmland into an apartment complex, he would enter into a joint development contract with the developer of his choice. It is also customary that, in such joint development agreements, only the entire built-up area and the indisputable share of land are distributed between the owner and the developer in relation to the agreed report. Not only that, at the time of implementation of the joint development agreement, it would be premature and impossible for the developer to estimate the cost of construction or construction or project development and distribution of the square meter. Despite this real situation, some subordinate sub-repertory in Bangalore have insisted, when joint development agreements are submitted for registration, to indicate a figure such as the proposed construction cost to obtain stamp duty due upon registration of such a development agreement, or the same is designated to be evaluated in accordance with paragraph 45-A or the document is confiscated. There is therefore no single system adopted by stamp duty sub-registries when registering common development agreements. What could be a blow to the real estate sector, the State Stamps and Registration Department has decided that the one per cent benefit of stamp duty or a maximum of 15 Lakh Rs would apply only to these joint development agreements (JDAs), with landowners and developers agreeing to sell their shares separately once the project is completed. The two sides meet with the common intention of opening up the land and sharing the proceeds for the sale of the land on the land. However, the landowners give the developer the rights to use the developer, which is why the developer provides the land development service to the landowners.

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