The development of the Regina Police Association is attributed to contributions from association representatives over the years. On behalf of our membership, we thank the representatives whose vision, commitment and attendance have enriched the lives and careers of our members together. Is it necessary to go to university to become a police officer? Today, the Regina Police Association represents approximately 560 full-time and full-time regina Police Service members. You are your neighbours, your child coaches, the police officer patrol your community, the school resource officer who helps keep your child`s school safe, and the voice on the other end of the phone in an emergency. Our members are hard-working experts who strive to make the City of Regina a safe place to live, work and visit. On February 24, 1944, it was unanimously decided that regina police officers should organize themselves to become a local police union. This was the beginning of the Regina City Policemen`s Association #155, under the National Union of Public Employees. Records show that there were a total of 36 members. The Regina police inspectorate takes two years after high school. The University of Regina offers a bachelor`s degree in police science, and the Regina Police Service recognizes this diploma as the training of the election as a police officer. Police officers are paid a salary under the collective agreement.

In 2019, a first-class constable will receive a salary of 103,774 $US. A first-class officer is an officer 5 years of age or older with the Regina Police Department. Yes, the salary changes according to the Regina Police Service`s collective agreement. The current salary is $62,222 per year. Is the police degree the only training that the Regina Police Department will take? Applications are accepted throughout the year, they are entered into a database and a list of qualified candidates is drawn up for each competition. In 1976, civilian members of the Regina Police Service joined the Association, and on April 15, 1992, the association was founded and amended in the Regina Police Association Inc. As a general rule, competitions are held twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. Yes, a $70.00 fee is charged for the performance of the POPAT. The fee is paid to the Health and Research Centre applied by Dr. Paul Schwann. The cash or cheque payment is made on the day you have to sign up for THE POPAT. No, we will recognize the mark that has been kept in another city, but only another city in Saskatchewan, because it is governed by the Saskatchewan Police Act.

If I wrote the SIGMA exam in another city, do I have to rewrite it in Regina? The Saskatchewan Police Act requires you to have a score of 12 or an equivalent class. The Regina Police Service will consider in advance those who work two years after secondary school and/or a long period of work with increasing responsibility for performance. Below is a list of questions and answers that are most frequently requested by our staff department. If you do not answer your question here or elsewhere on the site, please contact the Regina Police Service Human Resources Department at 306-777-6630 or 306-777-6629. Yes, there is a $25.00 tax payable before the SIGMA closes.

Written by shivamsood

I am a social activist and social worker based out of New Delhi. I fight for the basic civic rights of citizens such as water, electricity, hygiene, education, public health & safety. My mission is and always has been to get all citizens their basic civic & human rights. My fight is not against one individual or government but is against any institution, person or entity that denies citizens their rights.