A permissive license whose main conditions require the retention of copyright and licensing. Contributors expressly grant patent rights. Licensed works, modifications and major works can be distributed under different conditions and without source code. Administrators are strongly advised to update the latest version of the software, which no longer imposes the protocol source limit. This license change was published in QRadar 7.3.0 and above. If, for some reason, an administrator cannot update its QRadar deployment to 7.3.0 and its limit needs to be increased, a requirement can be sent to q1pd@us.ibm.com and a new license with an increased limit is sent. For appliance projects, the license is generated and passed on to your sales team after the appliance is delivered. For virtual projects, the license is generated based on the launch date provided to the licensing team and forwarded to your sales team. The license pool is set up for each console supply and includes capacity for all events and streams for managed hosts connected to a single console. If you have a multi-console layout, the throughput and throughput are assigned to each console and cannot be transferred or released. Each console in the supply has its own unique licensing pool, which can be assigned to hosts, and multi-console deployments cannot share a pool of licenses because you cannot transfer the license capacity from one console to another. The following identification can be used to apply for the license key: This is not legal advice.

Learn more about filing licenses. No, administrators who update their QRadar software from 7.2.8 to 7.3.0 or more do not need to send an email to q1pd to get an updated license. The upgrade should remove the restriction and users should not experience any problems with log license restrictions after the upgrade. If your software is higher or higher than QRadar 7.3.0 and problems occur with the protocol source limit or system notifications related to the protocol license limit, you can contact QRadar support, as this system notification should not be available in QRadar 7.3.0 software versions. All new QRadar v7.3.0 or more new QRadar customers or appliances should not have any problems with protocol source license limits. 2a. What other contact options are available? As a service to end-users, the site`s QRadar administrators can contact your IBM sales agent or QRadar support on your behalf for assistance in the event of licensing issues. Both IBM sales and QRadar support staff can email q1pd@us.ibm.com a copy of your console license key or other managed hosts on your behalf via email. If you would like to open an application to initiate a licence exam or troubleshooting, please see: ibm.biz/qradarsupport . NOTE: Communication between Q1PD and end-users is via email. If you need help with the phone, contact QRadar Support. 9b.

For the extension of the license capacity For the acquisition of the license capacity, customers must contact their affected IBM salesperson. IBM salespeople have access to a recommended resizing policy and can help you increase the licensing capacity needed to make you available. 9c. I ordered an increase in the event rate or increased flow license capacity, can I receive a Q1PD email? Yes, if you ordered an EPS or a feed increase for your availability, we need the serial number of the console key. We may need to bring them into line, and we will need the cumulative values of eps and streams. Once the stackable license is launched (v7.3.2) and taken over by the customer base, we don`t need to coordinate the entire set-up. Q1PD is the IBM team that supports the execution of the license for end-users. The Q1PD team can provide copies of QRadar licenses, generate licenses for new customers, increase the Event pro Second (EPS) license or the Flow pe license

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