If the WARN Act or other similar local laws apply, the person in charge must give notice to the competent authority at least 60 days before the relevant public authority, the local government and the representative of union employees and/or individual non-union workers. The form of the notice must be consistent with the requirements of the WARN Act. If the manager does not provide a period of at least 60 days, the responsible party is responsible for return pay and benefits during the period during which the worker was not informed, up to 60 days. If local law imposes a longer notice period, the penalties could be as long as the time required by this local law. Sellers should keep in mind that the business agreement they have with the hotelier operator generally provides that the hotel owner is responsible for all commitments of the WARN Act, so that the seller wishes to ensure that all necessary communications are provided in order to avoid this liability. Hotel purchase and sale operations: the most advanced procedures for all the essential elements of the agreement. With a perspective that has earned more than $60 billion in hotel transactions over 25 years, JMBM Global Hospitality Group has developed® cutting-edge knowledge and procedures to facilitate the purchase and sale of hotels around the world, from a portfolio of hotel properties, iconic hotels to individual hotels. It is often a surprise for the owner to discover that these assumptions can be false. According to many state laws, when the hotel operator violates labour laws, the courts have decided that a contractor can be a “common employer” with a third-party operator of the company and that the owner and operator are jointly responsible for the rights at work, regardless of the actual employer. Although the joint employer`s liability does not apply under applicable national law, virtually all hotel management contracts provide that the hotel owner is 100% liable for all wages, benefits, costs and debts, including employee rights against the hotel operator.

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