Once you`ve developed a building use agreement, corrected known flaws, and decided how to secure church property, while others use the building, it`s time to warmly welcome the groups you want to host. The main problem with renting or renting church buildings to outside organizations is that your church can be held responsible for accidents or injuries, even if you were not the sponsor of the event. It`s easy to think that the group and its members would be responsible for their own actions, but often they are not. As the owner of the property, you could ultimately be held liable. For groups that are already using the building, explain that you need building use agreements to better define which organization is responsible in the event of injuries or accidents. Ask them to make your new deal. Most groups should have no problem assuming responsibility for losses resulting from their activities. Churches must also consider tax considerations that may be related to off-building use and additional liability risks. Make sure any agreement you use is reviewed and approved by a local attorney, as laws vary from state to state.

If you don`t get a construction contract and an injured person sues the church, your legal position won`t be as strong. This form is also a great way to track who is using which ecclesial institution and when they use it to organize and eliminate confusion, which in turn is worth more than the few minutes of filling out the form. Exercise groups, polling stations, Alcoholics Anonymous, and other law-making organizations may request to use your building for meetings or other events. Before you say “Safely!”, think about how to protect your department from liability for associated damage or injury. “As part of managing a loss, many churches admitted they were probably overconfident,” said Peter Kujak, a claims manager for Brotherhood Mutual. “They didn`t think there was a risk from those who went through the doors. They understood too late the need to control access to their building and to imprison precious objects. Take this important step before sharing your ecclesiastical facilities with an external group guests will not be familiar with your building, so they may not know how to find the next outing or phone in case of an emergency. You may not even know the name or address of the ministry – crucial details for first aid in an emergency. Before allowing a new group to use your building, you provide a package of information that someone reasonably needs to know about your facility.

It should contain at least the following: the form below for the rental of facilities is used when the church collects a fee for the use of its facilities for events such as weddings, birthdays, dinners, etc. This special form is also accompanied by a model directive and rental prices for ecclesiastical establishments. . . . .

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