The common law rule states that the applicant must prove that the assets sought in the hands of the beneficiary are either exactly the assets in which the applicant asserts a right of ownership or a substitute. (B.M.P. Global Distribution Inc. v. Bank of Nova Scotia, 2009 SCC 15 at 75). Effective authority may be expressly defined in the agency contract (which may be written or oral) or may be implied. Implied effective authority can be inferred from the terms of the agency contract or the tacit agreement/consent established by the Agency. There is also the implied power to do what is necessary or incidental to exercise explicit authority and to do anything normally or ordinarily done by an agent in that trade, sector or market, unless otherwise specified by the principal. The term enforcement officer responsibility is often used in legal circles, but it is more simply the principle that a person may be held liable by the actions of another person. It often comes into play in agency situations. In other words, the Agency`s relationship involves the appointment of a natural or legal person (agent) acting on behalf of another person or organisation (contracting entity) in its relations with third parties. The Canadian legal system is based on the common law tradition of the United Kingdom….

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